Expert Podcast Production Platinum Plan

Expert Podcast Production Platinum Plan

Stage Fright? Not Sure What To Say?

Four Co-Hosted Podcast Episodes In Interview And Conversational Format 

Recorded And Published By Our Team Every Month

Only Five Three Spots Available

​Lou 'Loudini' Lombardi host of the Loudini Rock And Roll Circus Podcast will Co-host four 30 minute podcast shows a month with you. The interview / conversational podcast format facilitated by an expert interviewer will take away much of the stress related to recording your podcasts content and make the idea of podcasting a reality for you. You'll be surprised how quick and easy it will be to sit down and batch produce four podcasts once a month and then sit back and watch our team take over the production. This package also includes accountability and coaching due to the fact that Lou will be working closely with you to plan, record, and publish your podcast.


  • ​During a 15 minute call with Lou 'Loudini' Lombardi you will discover his simple podcast planning process that allows him to plan and record podcast content while running his business with limited stress on a tight schedule. 
  • ​Once the first episode is planned, recorded, and prepared for syndication Lou will review your first "00" show with you and provide valuable feedback.


  • ​Lou will help you develop a monthly marketing plan to promote your podcast to your customer list and on social media optimizing your investment. This marketing plan will be your marketing teams guide to getting exposure to the podcast and developing leads.
  • ​Our team will produce one podcast trailer per show for marketing use.


  • ​Create And Add Reusable Intros and Outros 
  • ​Add Open Source Music
  • ​Publish Show Notes and Written Synopsis
  • ​Create Banners and Graphics
  • ​Making 4 professionally produced episodes a month "Broadcast Ready"
  • And Finally... We'll syndicate 4 professionally produced episodes each  month on up to 6 Media Outlets ( iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, PodBean, Player FM, and Spreaker )


  • ​Monthly group coaching call with Lou 'Loudini' Lombardi and your fellow expert pocasters to discuss topics related to planning, producing, and marketing your podcast.

Gailya Woodyard,Your Total Body Health Podcast

"I wanted to do a podcast for a while but I had no idea how to get started and I was REALLY nervous, but Lou put me at ease. He was very patient and walked me through the entire process. He co-hosts my podcast with me and it's so easy because I all I have to do it talk about health and fitness which are my specialties. Each episode gets better and my nervousness turned into excitement!"

Jason Wilcox, The Really Real Real Estate Podcast

"I've been listening to podcasts for a while and I knew that it was something that I wanted to do but the whole thing seemed a bit overwhelming to me. I know Lou from my B.N.I. chapter; so there was already a good relationship there. He's been such a massive help at getting my podcast up and running. He's also a really a great co-host, helping to make each episode really fun and energetic. The whole process is a breeze now. It's as simple as having a conversation with a friend."
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